Melghat - The Region

Comprising of two blocks of Dharni and Chikhaldara and spread over 314 villages, together known as Melghat, this region has been largely knows for its Tigers and for the mortality of children under five. The region is inhabited by Korkus the predominant tribes along with Gonds, Nihals, Rathyas and other communities like Balai’s, Gavli’s, Gaulans and others. Over 75% of its approximately 300000 population are tribals. The two blocks are identified as Scheduled Area under the Constitu-tion.

The area has been known to have very rich biodiversity, which is fast depleting with the mono culti-vation that was adopted as part of the forestry policy. The result also has been on the depleting wildlife population. It is now a challenge to address both the situation of humans and that of the for-est and wildlife inhabiting these areas. And this can best be done by linking all the three together rather than trying to isolate one from the other.